Taimen – is the core trophy.

Fishmen from all over the world are willing to catch it.

The Siberian is close to progenitor of salmon stock.

Scientist call it “alive dino”.


Taimen – is the King fish.

Its length approximately 2 metres and weight 60 kilos.

It is well-known fact, that is coveted object and cherished dream.


This fish is a merciless hunter eating everything on its road.

However, it is also too defenseless, because catches every decoy.

achieves puberty in 7 y.o.



Certainly, a fighting against is not easy job.

Grabbing this fish is not enough because will be fly

under the water and dive deeper ripping your fishing line.

If you are wise and insidious, you will win the enormous

brown and pink torpedo.


Last year statistics:

195 fish*

The Siberian – is an unique, rare and guarded fish. 
is fished only by sport fishing, which based on Principe : “catch once – let it go”


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