Not only fish


With no qualms, it is a clean area in as a moral and physical sense.

Perhaps, Yenisei is a one of the most attractive places

in Russia for an active holiday.

The water – is a crucial aspect of our lives.

Lots of water. Lots of clean potable water.

Ice and fresh water in the Northern Enisey is unspeakably clean.





The people – is also may be a great discovery of your trip.

Transparency and harsh temperance – are the key qualities,

which give credibility and soulfulness from beginning to end.








You should to eat the best fish soup ever.

This soup is bee’s knees! It is essential to try local delicacy

and dish from fresh-trapped fish.


It is also so fascinating to look at 300 y.o. lifesyyle of indigenous nation

and visit the oldest church in the East Siberia.


We guess, that is so memorable to walk into meadows with huckleberry,

blueberry and red whortleberry. To see an edge of a forest,

which is full of white mushrooms – it is so fantastic.

Just imagine, that you lay on the moss hillock and look in the sky.





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