The Northern Yenisei and also its tributaries Bahta, Jelogui,

Komsa and Horba – are considered to be an endless source

of huge and unforgettably beautiful fish.


Here a fishing is amazing as for the professional as for the matures.

Once time our guests have fished 60 stuffs per night!

Undoubtedly, it was hard job! Moreover, our place is the paradise

for spinningists. Where can you fish a big pike, which weight 20 kilos ?



In local rivers you can find bass, sig, ide, lenok, grayling

and also many different species! However, it is not a secret

that the main trophy is a taimen!

The trophy which make a fishing process royal.

 So, would you be so kind to prepare yourself in order

to dive into breath-taking and adventurous fishing.


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